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“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.”

 Benjamin Disraeli,

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What is so special about brand personality?

There was this one topic I studied in one of my classes that made a long-lasting impression. It was only after I thought, I could do something in this field as a career choice. This was brand personality, it was my favourite topic I had learnt in my second year of Marketing and Advertising. I shared many times with my family and friends my struggles finding a future career I could enjoyed, and for the first-time branding could be it! What did I like about it? What was it that appealed to me? Let’s break it down and see what was so good about brand personality

Quarantine Baking and TikTok: a recipe for success?

One way or another whether through you, sister/brother, friends or social media, baking has undoubtedly become part of everyone’s quarantine time. How has this happened? Well, for some enjoy baking and this was the best opportunity, others it kept them occupied and kill boredom, while another could find stress relief in baking. With COVID beingContinue reading “Quarantine Baking and TikTok: a recipe for success?”

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